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You forgot it was Father’s Day this weekend…didn’t you?  Let me give you a second to let the panic set in. Are you done? Ok…good. Take a deep breath and fear not. I have a few solutions for you gift dilemma for dear old Dad.

If you’re lucky, you have a father like I do. He sends wish lists (usually after Christmas the year before) of what he would like for the coming year and all the festivities (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, etc) that it brings. If you aren’t as fortunate as I am or need some ideas aside from the annual tie (have you noticed he has never worn any of the ones you’ve given him in the last decade?) or the power tool (seriously do you want him tinkering around with a table saw?) here are a few ideas that might help you in your hunt for the perfect present.

According to Forbes, like women, there are essential pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe. No I am not suggesting you buy your father a whole new closet but maybe you can work on adding a few key items to it.


It doesn’t matter what line of business your dad is in (or no longer in if he is retired) he needs to tell time. A man doesn’t really have too many options for accessorizing. Aside from a wedding ring (if he’s hitched), the only “jewelry” many men wear is a watch. Though I find a fancy watch appealing, I think a good everyday watch for Daddy dearest is a great gift idea. Each time he puts it on, he’ll remember his favorite child gave him a snazzy timepiece. One of my favorite go to brands for a well made watch for daily wear is INVICTA.

Based in Switzerland (no one does a watch better than the Swiss) and founded in 1837, INVICTA is known for exceptional quality at an affordable price—perfect for a watch you want Dad to use regularly not just for special occasions. Here are my picks for Father’s Day:

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These can be found at your nearest INVICTA retailer (check the site for stockists), online or at the fabulous men’s boutique, St. James & Company in New Jersey.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “the shoes make the man.”  According to, the statement is definitely true and the quality of a man’s shoes reveals how much he respects himself. (yes the dating site) and author, Donna Sozio  (Never Trust A Man in Alligator Loafers: What His Shoes Really Say About His True Love Potential), went as far to say “The shoes a man wears and the way that he treats them are fail-safe indicators of not only his romantic personality, but also how he’ll treat his woman.” Now at the end of the day we want our dads to look good (for his wife/partner, a blind date or just for us when we take him out). But shoes have to fit your father’s personality. Here are some of my top choices from two of my favorite online retailers:

VIONIC is a footwear brand that marries science/medicine and fashion. I already know what you’re thinking….and no their not your grandpa’s orthopedic shoe. It’s no secret that many men (and women) suffer with foot, joint and back pain from wearing the wrong shoes, worn out shoes or just sacrificing comfort for the sake of fashion (yes men do that too). Vionic puts an end to this with a great men’s collection. With the summer season upon us, I am loving Vionic’s Regatta Deck Shoe (offered in suede and leather) and their Conner Casual Slip On. Both of these casual yet comfortable styles feature Vionic’s breakthrough Orthaheel technology developed by experts in biomechanics and foot health ensure relief from issues including plantar fasciitis, knee, back and foot pain.


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PLANET SHOES is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites for shoe shopping. The whole mission of the company is to “help customers make healthy choices for themselves the environment and the community.” Basically they sell great shoes that look good, feel good and do good for the environment. Planet shoes features brands from across the globe including the Spanish based shoe company, Pikolinos and American company, Red Wing. They have so many great shoes for men.  My favorites for Father’s Day choices include:


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Everyone has a favorite bag—yes even men. Anytime I hope on the Metro North I see some very worn “favorites” seated next two well-suited gentleman as well as those in casual fare. They may not think they need a new one (hello, the handle of their brief case is holding on by mere threads), but they sure would appreciate a bag for Father’s Day. Here are my picks from my go-to men’s boutique, St. James & Company…


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No matter what a man says to you, he cares about how his skin looks. Please, they don’t want razor bumps, acne or wrinkles any more than a woman does. But he’s not about any 4 step cleansing processes either.  Enter MENAJI.

Founded by beauty expert and professional make-up artist, Michele Probst (alongside a team of dermatologists and chemists), Menaji is a line of men’s skincare and grooming products that are all about enhancing his skin. I am a big fan of their Gentleman’s Kit. It gives the father in your life all the core products needed to cleanse, replenish, rejuvenate and maintain their skin. Dad may look at you funny when you give it to him (Mr. Socialite did when I asked him to sample them) but all you have to tell him is that some of the most well-known men in the world (Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon,  Kevin Costner, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw….hell, even President Obama and Regis Philbin) use it.  You can order this set via the Menaji website for $125.


The Gentleman’s Kit (Aftershave Hydrator, Face & Body Scrub, Eraser, Lip Agent)


These are just a few ideas for Daddy.

With that said, Happy Father’s Day from the Curvy Socialite

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Jewelry is the wearer’s chance to make a personal statement to the world. It can be symbolic of one’s history (family heirlooms), cultural or ethnic traditions, or simply one’s personal style.

I am a self professed jewelry fanatic. I love baubles of all kinds: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cuffs…and everything in between. I’m intrigued by them all—costume versus real, metals, precious and semi-precious stones (I’m mad about sapphires—my birthstone), wood, beads and whatever else jewelry can be made of.

Being a New Yorker, I like to march to the beat of my own drum and tend to look for pieces that may make me stand out from a crowd. For me jewelry can easily become a conversation piece or even an ice breaker. I routinely visit places and events where I get to see one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces by independent designers. But my search for the perfect piece doesn’t only take place in the physical world, but is also done virtually. Recently, I learned about a very unique site called SHOPBEVEL.

SHOPBEVEL? What’s makes it so different from the other indie sites out there? Well, it was started on a whole different premise. Started in 2012 by then business school student, Courtney McColgan, Shopbevel works with independent designers to bring to market the best in jewelry design. What makes this site different from any other is that designers submit designs to special curated challenges that the community votes on. The “winners” of the design challenges then have their pieces manufactured and marketed by Shopbevel. Seriously, how cool is that? Courtney and her team believe every jewelry designer should have the opportunity to be discovered and work to create a community to make that possible.

I tend to be very classic in my personal style of dress and so use jewelry to add pops of color and to stand out. I got a chance to experiment with some of the spring’s most popular trends with the pieces I got from Shopbevel. Experimenting with the neon and spike trends, I got to check out the Neon Spike Bangles created by C. Solis of Madrid, Spain. Winner of the “Nod to Neon” design challenge, Ms. Solis’ creations come in a set of 3 (neon pink, yellow and orange) neon coated metal bangles with spiked ends—definitely adds some edge to any outfit. Very affordably priced, these bracelets retail for $35.

Neon Spike Bangles by C. Solis (Madrid Spain) from SHOPBEVEL.COM
The Curvy Socialite sports  Shopbevel's Neon Spike Bangles
The Curvy Socialite sports Shopbevel’s Neon Spike Bangles. Want these bangles, click on the image to go right to the site.

Definitely trendy and really cute, they did attract attention throughout my travels during the day. I was asked by a few women and teens where I got my bracelets. I happily told them about Shopbevel. And I am very eager to share this site with my readers. The folks Shopbevel have been quite nice in allowing me to share a discount code to enjoy 25% off your order.

Reader Discount: 25% Off
Reader Discount Code: BBSTUDS

This code is good for the entire month of July!

Also, if you’re in the New York City area this summer, check out Shopbevel in person! Visit to RSVP.




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I love a brilliantly shot ad campaign be it print or actual commercial. The famed jeweler/watchmaker, Cartier, out did themselves with this short film that doubles as their newest ad. As described by the brand, “it is a journey between dream and reality.”

Click on the image to view the film