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FASHION WEEK 2011: Riviera Club Fall 2011 Presentation

Friday evening was definitely a busy evening for yours truly. After attending one presentation at Lincoln Center, I had to race downtown…way downtown…to the Bowery Hotel for the Riviera Club Fall Winter 2011 presentation.

After a near death experience in the cab ride over (which I shared with stylist Shatonia Amee and fellow blogger Ashia Sims), the scene that met us was an interesting one. When we arrived we entered into what seemed like a big soiree. Photographers were snapping shots everywhere and people were schmoozing and walking around with glasses of wine. Not odd if you were thinking the event was a party, but a little if you were expecting a traditional fashion presentation.

As you stepped deeper into the venue, there was a huge table full of bottles of wine, fruits, artesian breads, smoked sausages and more. The “audience” surrounded the table which was populated by gentleman who seemed to be just enjoying the food and drink and having a great time. The “party-goers” at the table were the models– novel idea, and very fitting for the theme of Riviera Club’s Fall presentation.

This season, the brand decided to share the story of the California Wine Renaissance. A twist on the ruggedness of traditional work wear, Riviera Club channeled the marriage of blue collar chic and polished dishevelment. A great collection that was complimented by amazing accessories by Generic Man shoes and Riviera Club’s own hat collection. Styling for this presentation was done by Julie Ragolia and the staged party was designed by famed set designer Michael Sturgeon.

For more information about Riviera Club, visit

 Images from the Riviera Club Fall 2011 Presentation.


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FASHION WEEK 2011: BeSpoken Fall/Winter 2011

By Shani Faure

On Saturday, February 12th, BeSpoken held their  Fall/Winter 2011 presentation at Pier 59 Studios. A British import,  BeSpoken put together not only an impressive collection but an amazing presentation as well. The models stood on display in what seemed like an old photograph backdrop from a more rustic, old western era. The set was  created by Aux Armes– a fantastic job with the set design.

The attention to detail between the set and the collection was seamless. Every piece within the line was a winter warm color that was tailor fitted to the model’s body.  The jackets had unique buttons that gave the coat a unique, custom-made appearance. One of the trends noticed at the show was a cuffed trouser sported by each model giving the vintage men’s look a more modern twist. Styled by Julie Ragolia, many of the looks were paired with hats by Worth & Worth and jewelry by Anna Sheffield providing the jewelry. 
To see more of BESPOKEN go to

Images from the collection:

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NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fall/Winter 2011

In the early ‘90s, Women’s Wear Daily anointed Byron Lars with the illustrious title of “Rookie of the Year,” after only his second season.  An amazingly talented designer whose works have graced the pages of some of the industry’s top magazine, Byron Lars became a household name when he was tapped by Mattel’s Barbie to design a line of limited edition collectible dolls. After a hiatus, Lars is back and again establishing himself as one of America’s premier designers.

Tatu and Moja Barbies by Byron Lars


On Friday, February 11th, the world was reintroduced to Byron Lars with the presentation of his Fall 2011 collection brand Byron Lars Beauty Mark at the Stanley Kaplan Penthouse at Lincoln Center. Bringing a sexy, distinctly feminine collection together, Lars showcased Native Americana, a vintage feeling collection with a very strong Native American influence.

Known for his attention to detail, Byron Lars created a collection that showed a love of the female body with lines and fabrications that compliment a woman’s curves. My first thoughts upon viewing the collection was of the award women series “Mad Men,” with the pencil skirts, lace hosiery and ‘40s and ‘50s-esque accessories and detailing. But upon closer investigation, one could clearly see the Native American influence in the types of fabrics featured—particularly the feathers and furs.

The collection wooed those gathered for the presentation including Atlanta-based bloggers Shakira Hightower and Ashia Sims, famed stylists Shatonia Amee and Spry Lee Scott as well as Ebony’s Creative Director Harriette Cole (who was on crutches).

For more about Byron Lars or to view his past collections, visit

Here are images from the Byron Lars Beauty Mark Presentation:

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NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: Alisha Trimble Fall Winter 2011 Collection

Thursday, February 10th, marked the official start of New York Fashion Week (or with all the pre-, post and events during show really be called New York Fashion MONTH).  I found myself heading to the Union Square area for the Alisha Trimble Fall Presentation with fellow pr maven and blogger, Shani Faure of Stilettos & Sounds.

Held at Wix Lounge, Trimble’s collection, entitled “Animal Saints” drew on some very unique sources of inspiration—particularly the study of animal senses and the lives of the Saints.  This inspiration created a visually intriguing, avant-garde line that captivated the audience.

“Experimenting with these concepts makes for sensory details, such as webbing, and silk-made fur.  Stylistically the character traits of the Saints come into some of the silhouettes,” says the emerging designer. “For this collection, we wanted to bring the inspiration of Animal Saints into the whole look, head to toe.”

Produced by the Women’s Mafia and Yellow Sky Agency, antlers, silk fur, webbing, gold and silver as well as crowns that invoked the idea of the “divine light” of the saints graced the runway. I really found myself drawn to the evening wear pieces for their beautiful, feminine figure loving lines. One of the standout models from the show was Jade Cole from Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model.

The Alisha Trimble collection is quickly gaining popularity for its sophisticated and unique point of view. Many describe the designer as a “fashion artist,” combining the concepts of the fine arts with fashion. This one-of-a-kind perspective attracted a diverse crowd of some of New York’s top fashion editors, stylists and bloggers (including yours truly).

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection:

Jade Cole, Alisha Trimble Show


For more about Alisha Trimble, visit

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By Asia Mone’t

J Song’s Dream of Happiness presentation of their Fall 2011 collection during New York Fashion Week proved to be a stimulating display of heaven  on earth. The collection was inspired and infused with colors and textures of the four elements, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The array of styling compliments women of many styles combining pieces that are elegant, sophisticated, and relaxed. I really loved the variation of texture and colors, bringing life and color to Fall 2011!

Here is a clip from the JSONG New York Fashion Week presentation:

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the JSONG Fall Collection:

Purple crepe fur collar cape, black leggings over purple tights

Gold honeycomb 3-D flora embroidered coat and jersey dress
Red chiffon pleated and beaded dress
Multi-color block satin jacket jeweled camisole
Ivory / Brown fur collar jacket, ivory camisole, and ivory long skirt
Ivory lace cape jacket, crepe de chine skirt and Ivory / Brown abstract flora embroidered Chinese dress



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LOVING THE SKIN YOU’RE IN: Plus Model & Blogger, Asia Mone’t, Shares Her Feelings About Loving The Skin You’re In


Curvy, Sexy Diva Asia Mone't

Curvy Socialite friend (and contributor), plus model Asia Mone’t recently shared her feelings about being comfortable with her curves with her readers on her blog. A big proponent of size acceptance and loving yourself for who you are versus who you wish you were, Asia’s words are very timely and very much needed. Check out her blog here.




I’ve been thinking long and hard over the last few weeks about the direction I want to take the Curvy Socialite in. One of the ideas that seem to keep coming back to mind (and something that has been suggested by a few others who I have spoken to) was to take on a little more of a magazine feel to the blog. NO I AM NOT TURNING CURVY SOCIALITE INTO A MAGAZINE. But rather, I will look into incorporating some aspects of a magazine format into my blog. So with that said, here are some of the new features that will be coming up in the near future:

  • Industry Insiders: Interviews with curvy girls doing their thing in various industries (fashion, entertainment, beauty, politics, etc).
  • Fashion Reviews (shows, new collections, etc)
  • Beauty Reviews (products, trends, etc)

These are just some of the ideas that I will be incorporating over time, but one of the biggest changes, will be the introduction of guest contributors! Some of them will be well known personalities in the curvy world and others will be those making names for themselves in other capacities. Debuting this month with some of the New York Fashion Week coverage, I’ve enlisted the help of contributors including:

Let me know what you think of these new ideas and I am also open to suggestions. Share your thoughts either here or by sending me a personal email at




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New York Fashion Week– February 2011

After the January that we had (one that was marked by record snowfalls and subzero temps), New York and this diva were definitely ready for a change of pace. The arrival of New York Fashion Week was definitely needed and welcomed.

Not sure why, but it feels like Fashion Week snuck up on me this season– it maybe because I have been crying over the snow that’s been falling every 3 or 4 days (not making that up) since December and the threat of snow that caused me to postpone my much needed tropical vacation. Whatever the reason, I’m just happy that it’s finally here.

You will be able to follow my Fashion Week musings here at or via The Curvy Socialite facebook page and on twitter @curvysocialite.

With official dates running from February 10th through the 17th, the fashion season is also packed with pre- and post events that end up making Fashion Week almost the whole month long. For me, this fashion season began last night with two fabulous events that had me racing between SoHo and midtown.



The TeenLive event drew a full house of aspiring designers, stylists, fashion enthusiasts, press and those curious about the industry to hear an insider’s view of making it in fashion.

The TeenLIVE events at The New York Public Library feature thought-provoking conversations, real debates, and exciting spectacular performances with your favorite authors, artists, filmmakers, musicians, fashionistas, and more. These events reach teens culturally, artistically, inspirationally, technologically, and more with the biggest, best, and the brightest stars. The programs will spotlight current cultural trends and important mainstays that inform the lives of today’s teens. Last night’s event, in honor of Fashion Week, featured emerging designer LaQuan Smith.

Utilizing a format similar to “Insider the Actor’s Studio,” 22-year old design ingénue LaQuan Smith shared his experience on his entry and subsequent rise in the fashion industry.

With his unique pieces being seen on some of entertainment’s hottest celebrities including Dakota Fanning, Rhianna, Amber Riley (Glee), Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, Smith is quickly establishing himself as a designer to watch. His talents have already graced the pages of some of the top fashion and lifestyle publications including Essence and the New York Times.

LaQuan talked about his inspirations and motivations behind his lines LQS (his younger more contemporary line) and LaQuan Smith (his more elite line). A lover of color, construction and femininity, LaQuan draws inspiration from 90’s fashion and pop culture– including the ultra femme yet playful stylings of Cher Horowitz (played by Alicia Silverstone) in Clueless. He also drew heavy inspiration from great designers including the late, forward thinking Gianni Versace and the classic fashions of Ralph Lauren. Life experiences and travel also find their ways into the designs of LaQuan Smith.

Garnering fans from across the country and around the world, LaQuan Smith has been creating a buzz within the fashion world. His participating in BET’s Rip the Runway (his pieces were worn by host Nicki Minaj) sparked a request to be a part of the “fashion meets music” spectacular as well as spawned an invitation by famed lifestyle publication Arise Magazine. Smith has been asked by Arise to participate in their upcoming fashion showcase in Lagos, Nigeria this March.

When asked why he wanted to participate in the library’s TeenLIVE event, LaQuan said “fashion and art have always been my passion, from the artistic expression of sketching to the manifestation of the garments. So, I’m excited to share my love story between fashion and I with the youth, to inspire them with my many triumphs and tribulations. 

LaQuan’s best advice to the audience was to learn and live the craft. He tells would be designers to pursue an education in fashion and the arts and to get involved in the fashion community. LaQuan emphasizes networking is key and always practice and study your craft. He also stressed building a strong foundation. Something he is putting into practice as well.

With a focus on building his brand and business, LaQuan’s collections aren’t currently available on a mass scale as yet. Currently, those wishing to sport his chic designs can order then on an on demand basis via his website at One thing that really caught my attention was LaQuan’s willingness to celebrate the female form of all types of shapes and figures. He stated that when the line becomes available in stores, he wants to be available for the curvier woman up to size 16. 

His aspirations for the future? He’d love to collaborate with Ralph Lauren and create a show collection for Christian Louboutin as well as dress young Hollywood’s style icons including Blake Lively, Kiera Knightly and more.

Did you miss last night’s presentation? No worries, you can watch the stream of the event on Fora TV at


After meeting up with Pink Suede stylist Shatonia Amee (who also attended the TeenLIVE event), we raced uptown to 220 Atelier for the launch of Pampered Royale by socialite Malik So Chic. Featured in the CW’s High Society, Malik debuted a capsule collection of tricked out totes of various shapes and sizes. The event was a who’s who of fashion, entertainment and New York’s society.

Rosemary Ponzo and socialite turned designer Malik So Chic Model with one of the bags from the collectionRosemary posing with one of the bags from the collection
One of the hostesses with a bag from the collectionMalik So Chic and stylist Shatonia Amee


As soon as Asia Mone’t sent this to me, I knew I had to tell everyone about it….she’s launched a new project everyone!  As you know, Asia is quickly establishing herself as one of the top plus models in the industry. She’s decided to share her journey to the top with everyone in her new blog, The Fab Life of  A Curvy Sexy Diva. Check it out everyone and please support!


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FASHION WEEK RECAP: Celebrating Curves with One Stop Plus

A NEW ERA IS UPON US…CURVES ARE “IN” (AGAIN). Well…at least for a little while. It seems that the fashion community is making a move to be more accepting of the curvaceous figure. Or at least that is what appears to be happening.

During New York Fashion Week, One Stop Plus, the “online fashion mall” catering to the fuller-figure, held the first ever plus size show (to actually be a part of the fashion week festivities) to rave reviews. Big deal, you may be saying to yourself. But indeed it was. A much coveted ticket, the One Stop Plus event was a much needed step in the right direction of acceptance. With the average woman in the United States wearing a size 14, it’s amazing how what is a “common size” is so stigmatized.

The standard of beauty for a very long time was something that was not a reflection of reality. What was considered beautiful was a woman who was 5’10” and a size 0/2. And one point it even seemed like a 00 was even more appealing. How many women do you know how actually fit that standard? Fashion and fashion retailers seemed to think that everyone looked like that and that was the norm. When you walked into shopping centers, all you found were clothing sizes 0 to 10 (with a 12 and a 14 (one piece each) thrown in for good measure. But one of the largest (no pun intended) untapped markets out there is the plus-size community.  Curvy girls spend millions each year on clothes—ironic when there are so few outlets that cater to their bodies. But there is hope.

I was one of an eclectic group of people to have been invited to witness this moment in fashion history. Showcasing at the Time Warner, the guest list for the event was a who’s who of the plus, fashion and entertainment communities.  Seated front row at One Stop Plus were plus size celebs Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray and Huge), Emme, the full figured supermodel, and Academy Award nominated actress, Gabourey Sidibe (Precious). Walking in the show were model faves Tocarra (America’s Next Top Model alum) and Lizzie Miller. Spotted in the crowd were stylist Steffany Bready Edwards, celeb plus model Asia Mone’t, curve-loving designer, Monif C.,  Maddie Figueroa Jones from Plus Model Magazine, Tiffany Tucker of Manik Magazine, model Fluvia Lacerda, Shante Gordon and Jamie Litt of VH1’s Money Hungry, Kim “Philli” McCarter of Skorch Magazine, the diva behind The Big Girl Blog, and more. I even ended up getting interviewed by the New York Post for a video about the show.

Check out some of the photos and video from the event below. More pictures can be found on my Facebook page.

Shante, Emme & Jamie
Kim McCarter& Steffany Bready-Edwards
Fluvia Lacerda
Asia Mone't
Gabourey Sidibe