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As my faithful readers know, I am passionate about a lot of things: Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, the Arts and the list goes on and on. Many of you who know me off-line also know that I super passionate about social and political topics. I generally don’t delve into these topics so much on the blog (I do on social media all the time) as that wasn’t the original purpose of this blog. But as with me as a person, the Curvy Socialite is growing up so to speak. Don’t worry I’m not going to stop talking about the fun events I attend or the newest fashion collections and beauty products hitting the market. Rather, I am going to throw some more of my favorite topics of discussion into the mix.

What spurned this sudden need to get a little more serious?

Well it’s twofold.

Firstly, this isn’t something that is really so sudden. I have been trying to figure out a way to introduce some of current events in a way that was in line with the blog and would shock your systems too much. But then, I went out for coffee today.

I love my coffee. I make a concerted effort not to have any important discussions before my first cup of joe—I am not responsible for what may come out of my mouth prior to that first dose of caffeine. Today I made my way down to my local coffee shop to see what was happening about town and what the hot topics of the day were. My little coffee shop caters to all kinds of people (young, old, male, female, all races, colors, creeds, etc., etc.). On this fine day, two ladies (co-workers) were chatting away (ok, I admit it….I was eaves dropping; but in my defense, they were talking kind of loudly so I couldn’t help it) when one woman asked the other if she was going to vote in next month’s elections. Her response left me shocked and dismayed. Ok, maybe that was a little dramatic but yes, I was a little shocked by the fact that she said no.

I can already see you rolling your eyes. Keep on doing that—they’ll get stuck like that. Anyway….didn’t we all learn in junior high and high school about the importance of voting? So what if we’re not electing the next president (next month are the midterm elections)—there are still loads of important issues on the table. What issues you ask? Let me drop some knowledge on you….

  • ECONOMY: So we’re not as bad off as we were when President Obama took over the Oval office but on the flip side we still aren’t in our pre-recession glory either. This is still a very hot topic for Republicans and Democrats alike.
  • IMMIGRATION: Remember when all those little kids started crossing the border earlier this year? Little ones who were barely out of the toddler stage were making that treacherous journey to what they hoped to be a better life. It’s still going on. It’s just not a major headline right now. But it is definitely a hot button topic for Congress.
  • FOREIGN POLICY: It’s kind of hard to escape the news about ISIS/ISIL and their ever expanding reach in Iraq and Syria. This group is recruiting young men and women (yes teenage girls around the world are heading to Syria to take up arms and become the mothers of the next generation of terrorists) from all over to help in their “fight.” The President admitted that he didn’t think ISIS was that much of a threat….saying he was wrong would be the understatement of the year. But best believe, the Republicans will not let him forget it.
  • WOMEN’S ISSUES: Before some of you start huffing and puffing…this is not a discussion about pro-choice vs. pro-life but rather topics in general that affect women as a whole. From equal pay to birth control and beyond…we women can actually be the ones that turn the tide of this election if we head to the polls.
  • HEALTHCARE: Why are we still talking about this after Obamacare was passed? Because many Republicans still want to repeal it and are making a point of reminding voters about the logistical problems that occurred with the roll out.

Mind you I am only talking about things on the national level. There is so much going on on the state level across the country that this post would become a novel. But if you are interested in finding out more about those topics, check what the lovely ladies over at the SKIMM had to say in their guide to the 2014 Midterm Elections.

You still not convinced about the importance of getting out there to vote? Well maybe Lil Jon and all his celebrity friends can convince you to “#TURNOUTFORWHAT.”

What are you going to turn out to vote for?

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BEAUTIFUL NEWS: Cheerios Ad Tot Not Affected By Racism & Called The Commercial ‘Fun’ [VIDEO]

And like Sabastien De La Cruz, I’m glad that Grace Colbert (the cutie in the Cheerios ad) isn’t letting the bullying and racist rants take away here shine. 🙂


[ione_embed src= service=msnbc width=420 height=245 type=iframe]

Grace Colbert is the adorable 6-year-old actress who stars as the daughter in the recent and unexpectedly controversial Cheerio’s ad, sat down with her real parents, Janet and Christopher Colbert, for an interview with Thomas Roberts on MSNBC on Tuesday. In the interview, Grace was asked about how she handled the backlash and she just said that the commercial was “really fun to make.”

Must Read: New Cheerios Commercial Starring An Interracial Couple Causes Big Stir

Grace’s dad, Christopher commented, saying, “America needs to see that this is just a way of life. I wasn’t upset or anything. I was pretty much really excited about having this type of reaction so we can see where we still stand in America. But look out, America, because this is just reality. I don’t understand why this issue keeps going.”

This controversy hasn’t slowed down…

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Mariachi singer Sebastien De La Cruz responds to Twitter bullies

Alright…I’m about to start venting and I’m not going to apologize for my views. I’m so over people nowadays and the racist, sexist, and every other -ist out there that I can’t really hold it in anymore.

Between the online reactions to the Cheerios commercial and now the comments made on Twitter and other social media outlets about Sebastien De La Cruz’s performance during Game 3 of the NBA Finals, I am saddened and dismayed by some of the so called “patriots” here in the States.

Folks need to really need to take a look at themselves and ask why they are hating on America. What do I mean by that? These kids represent the diversity that is the United States today. Even from her earliest days, the United States was not a homogeneous society. American society always had more than “one face.” If you have such a problem with the melting pot that the US has become, maybe it’s time to find a new home.

As a child of parents who are immigrants I am proud of my heritage as well as being apart of the fabric of America. Many members of my family (including my significant other) are or were members of the military. Most of them were born abroad but risked their lives defending this country. Does that mean that their children and grandchildren aren’t American enough to have pride in the USA? Some folks need to get over themselves and wake up to reality is the United States in a 21st century global society.

NBC Latino

A San Antonio boy’s beautiful rendition of the national anthem has sparked some ugly comments online.

Sebastien De La Cruz sang the national anthem at Game 3 of the NBA Finals Tuesday night in a mariachi outfit. So how is the 11-year-old handling the twitter bullies? He’s paying them no mind.

It wasn’t planned that Sebastien would sing the anthem at the game, but he was brought in when Darius Rucker couldn’t get to the game in time.

Sebastien first captured hearts on “America’s Got Talent.” The 11-year-old San Antonio native also impressed the NBA.

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“He said ‘Oh well, you are doing the national anthem,'” Sebastien told us. “And my dad called me, and I was like ‘Yes!'”

And he planned to use his talent to wish the Spurs luck.

“It was amazing,” said Sebastien. “And…

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POLITICAL FASHION: A New York State of Mind at the 2013 Inaugural Balls

It seems that it was definitely a “New York State of Mind” with the inaugural ball fashion.

First Lady Michelle Obama was a “Lady in Red” last night in a custom-made gown by New York designer Jason Wu.

The “Big Apple” red colored chiffon and velvet gown (paired with a handmade diamond jewelry designer Kimberly Mc Donald and shoes by Jimmy Choo) is a follow up to the white gown by Wu that Mrs. Obama wore in 2009 at the President’s first Inaugural Ball—propelling the Manhattan-based designer to a household name. The gorgeous red dress was the only one Jason Wu submitted for the First Lady’s consideration. He collaborated with McDonald on the jeweled neckline—made of real diamonds.

The Obamas made their first appearance at the Commander-in-Chief Ball, honoring the members of the Armed Forces. There the First Couple was serenaded by Jennifer Hudson. The songstress, dressed in a classic black mermaid style gown, sang a lively rendition of the Al Green classic, “Let’s Stay Together.”

Dr. Jill Biden, wife of the Vice President, was a vision in blue in a gown by another New York designer, Vera Wang. The dapper Bidens were serenaded by singer and actor Jamie Foxx’s rendition of the Ray Charles classic “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”

Also donning red last night was singer, Alicia Keys who wore a Michael Kors (another New York designer) gown with an open back for her performance at last night’s event.

At the end of the inaugural festivities, the first lady’s outfits and accompanying accessories will go to the National Archives.

First Lady Obama in a custom red Jason Wu gown (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)
First Lady Obama in a custom red Jason Wu gown (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)
The First Couple at the Commander-in-Chief's Ball (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)
The First Couple at the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)
Jennifer Hudson (Photo Courtesy of AP)
Jennifer Hudson (Photo Courtesy of AP)
Jill Biden in Vera Wang (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)
Jill Biden in Vera Wang (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)
Alicia Keys in Michael Kors (Getty Images)
Alicia Keys in Michael Kors (Getty Images)
Jason Wu's infamous sketch
Jason Wu’s infamous sketch
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POLITICAL FASHION: The 57th Presidential Inauguration

First Lady Michelle Obama’s new haircut (the beauty world all agrees that bangs suit her perfectly) was definitely a trending topic for the past few days, but today everyone is talking about the fabulous custom Thom Browne coat she sported at the public swearing in ceremony, Mrs. Obama added a little flair and showed off her curves with an ornate belt by J Crew (seems to be her favorite retailer). Under that fabulous designer coat, the First Lady donned a Thom Browne dress and Reed Krakoff cardigan for the afternoon festivities.

Not outshining their mom, the First Daughters looked amazing (and age appropriate) in their purple wool coats. Malia, the elder of the Obama girls, rocked a plum J Crew coat while little sister, Sasha, sported a lilac Kate Spade coat. These two are definitely following in their mom’s footsteps as fashionistas in training.

The Obamas and the crowds assembled were serenaded by some stylish ladies today including King Bey who se moving rendition of the National Anthem had many in the crowd near tears. Beyonce arrived with her husband (Jay Z) in a Christian Dior coat which she removed revealing an amazing Pucci gown while she performed.

Now the fashion world waits to see who will be the designer to dress the First Lady for tonight’s inaugural balls.

For more pictures from today’s Inauguration events, check out my full article on the Examiner.

Beyonce and Jay Z (via Getty Images)
Beyonce and Jay Z (via Getty Images)
Malia and Sacha Obama (via Getty Images)
Malia and Sacha Obama (via Getty Images)
Michelle Obama in Thom Browne coat and J Crew belt (via Getty Images)
Michelle Obama in Thom Browne coat and J Crew belt (via Getty Images)
The very stylish Obama Family (via Getty Images)
The very stylish Obama Family (via Getty Images)
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POLITICAL FASHION 101: Michelle Obama v. Anne Romney

Surprisingly, before midnight on November 7th, the 45th President of the United States had been determined. This capped off the most expensive (if not one of the most expensive) campaign seasons in history with a tab of nearly $6 billion. As millions of Americans waited with baited breath of concession and victory speeches that finally took place in the wee hours of the morning, many a fashionista was also playing particular attention to what Michelle Obama and Ann Romney were wearing. More than just a dress, the garment of choice by the First Lady of the United States and the woman who wanted to be, spoke volumes.

For the full story on the Examiner, click the photo below or click here.

The First Family on Election Night 2012
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Tonight, Michelle Obama dazzled the delegates at the Democratic National Convention with a rousing speech that spoke to her passion for her husband, military families, motherhood, the future and her love of her country. With New York Fashion Week beginning tomorrow, I wanted to just highlight the fact that she also showed her support to the American Fashion industry by wearing Tracy Reese. The First Lady has been an avid supporter of American designers from the moment she set foot on the national stage (and even before as she supported Chicago-area designers regularly at the many political functions she attended while in the role of  a senator’s wife).

Missed the FLOTUS’ speech? Click on the image to see the video.

To watch her speech from tonight, please click on the picture of the FLOTUS.