NEW ARTICLE ON THE EXAMINER: Introducing Our Lady of Lourdes

New York’s Lou Torres of Our Lady of Lourdes wins Thunderlily design competition.

Sketches from Our Lady of Lourdes Universal Military Collection for Fall 2012

Thunderlily (www., the online “fashion workshop” recently announced the winner of its design competition was Westchester-based fashion ingénue, Lourdes “Lou” Torres. An up-and-coming designer, entrepreneur and activist, the New York bred single mom beat out a formidable group to win the coveted prize (having her autumn capsule collection produced and sold by the emerging fashion technology company).

For the full article, click the image above.

By Tamara

Tamara Walker is the personality behind the famed lifestyle blog, The Curvy Socialite as well as the popular New York Fashion News column for the Examiner. A regular contributor to various fashion, beauty, and lifestyle publications, Tamara also is a public relations and event planning consultant catering to the fashion, beauty, entertainment and non-profit industries.

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