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Happy Thanksgiving from the Curvy Socialite

This weekend, one of my favorite movies of all time happened to be on….Finding Forrester. A Sean Connery fan from a young age (I have an unnatural attraction to older white men from the British Isles…seriously how can you not find Sean Connery and Pierce Bronson not sexy?), I remember going to see it in theatres with my sister. I can safely say there are only a handful of films that have had such a deep impact on me that years later I find myself reflecting in life—where I’ve been, where I am and where I may go.

Released over ten years ago, the movie follows the story of Jamal Wallace (played by Rob Brown), a black teenager from the Bronx, who is invited to attend an elite private school in Manhattan after excelling on a high level exam. Jamal has a remarkable natural talent for writing which by chance he gets to develop and nurture with the help of reclusive writer, William Forrester (portrayed by Connery). Finding Forrester showcases what one can accomplish when motivated, inspired and pushed to persevere by those who support and believe in us. As soon as I saw the movie, I was hooked. I’m a sucker for the “come from behind,” “against all odds” type of movies. I love when an unlikely hero surprises everyone and succeeds. It is also a reminder to be thankful to those who have been there to help us and inspire us.

With Thanksgiving just days away, I am thankful for those in my life that who have been at my side this year helping me through the tough times and to celebrate the happy ones. A new year is just weeks away, and with that comes new resolutions. Here’s a chance to start the new year on the right foot but ending the old one positively….Take a moment and not only on Thanksgiving, but every day, say thank you to those who are there for us through thick and thin.

Have you said thank you to someone in your life today?

Why not checkout Finding Forrester today? You’ll be inspired and motivated too.

By Tamara

Tamara Walker is the personality behind the famed lifestyle blog, The Curvy Socialite as well as the popular New York Fashion News column for the Examiner. A regular contributor to various fashion, beauty, and lifestyle publications, Tamara also is a public relations and event planning consultant catering to the fashion, beauty, entertainment and non-profit industries.

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